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     Topological Matter School 2016

        22-26 August 2016, San Sebastián (Spain)


Ivo Souza shared the slides he used yesterday during his lectures. They contain formulas and figures. You must log in to see and download them.
Ivo Souza shared his notes on the topics he didn't have time to adress yesterday: the connection between Berry phase and Chern number. Some of you should make the notes about what he covered yesterday, and they will be published then.
Notes from Mois Aroyo lectures on group theory are now also available in the website. You need to LOG IN to access them.
Don't forget to install a version of Python and the Z2 package for the hand-on session on Wednesday. More informations available at -> https://tms16.sciencesconf.org/resource/page/id/3
Alex. Altland made his lecture notes available at the following address. You must be logged in to see them.
Don't forget the registration will start at 8:30 at Palacio Miramar on Monday, the 22-nd of August !
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